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These refreshing cucumber drinks and cocktails highlight the cooling flavor of this green vegetable! Discover the versatility of the veggie with margaritas, lemonade, juice, and more.

Cucumber Lemonade

Before you reach for a sugary soda or boring beer, consider embracing the unexpected hero of summer hydration: the humble cucumber! Yes, that green, crunchy veggie isn’t just for salads. Get ready to have your mind blown with these cucumber cocktails and drinks that are refreshing and bursting with flavor. From classic margaritas to sparkling highballs and healthy non-alcoholic drinks, this collection proves that the cucumber is ready to quench your thirst and impress your friends.

And now, our top cucumber cocktails and drinks!

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This cucumber lemonade is zingy and refreshing: the perfect cucumber cocktail or drink! This green veggie adds the cooling vibe of spa water. Make it non-alcoholic or spiked. 

  • 1 ½ cups fresh squeezed lemon juice (7 to 8 large lemons, plus more for garnish)*
  • 1 cup peeled and seeded cucumber (1 large cucumber, plus more for garnish)
  • 1 cup granulated sugar (or coconut sugar)
  • 6 cups water, divided
  • Ice
  • Optional: ¼ cup vodka or 3 tablespoons vodka per glass

  1. Juice the lemons. Peel the cucumber and remove the seeds with a spoon (if using an English cucumber, you can skip this step).
  2. Add the cucumber, sugar and 2 cups warm water to a blender and blend until smooth. Strain the liquid through fine mesh sieve into a pitcher, using a spatula to push the liquid through (discard the pulp; this takes a few minutes to complete).
  3. To the pitcher with the cucumber mixture, add 4 cups cold water and the fresh squeezed lemon juice. Add a few handfuls ice and serve. If desired, garnish with extra cucumber slices and lemon wedges. 
  4. Optional: For a spiked variation, add ¼ cup vodka or 3 tablespoons gin per 1 cup cucumber lemonade.

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  • Diet: Vegan

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