White Bean Dip with Salmon & Crispy Capers

If you enjoy hummus, then the chances are very high that you also enjoy white bean dip!

Avocado White Bean Herb Dip

White bean dips have gained popularity in recent years as a heart-healthier swap to traditional dips made from with a sour cream or mayonnaise base.

I was late to understand how bangin’ white beans can be for dips due to their creamy texture, mild flavor, nutritional benefits, and overall versatility.

But, I’m a believer now!

And don’t be confused like I was early on – white beans may be called different names depending on where you are in the world but the creamy, delicious result is the same.

Whether you choose cannellini beans, white navy beans, or white northern beans, you can’t go wrong with these nutritious legumes!

Here are my top 3 reasons why white beans are a great choice:

  1. Creaminess: White beans have a naturally creamy, velvety texture when pureed. This smooth texture offers a satisfying experience and enhances the overall mouthfeel of the dip.
  2. Mild Flavor: White beans have a subtle flavor profile so they easily adapt to seasonings and ingredient so not to overpower other flavors. This makes white beans a versatile ingredient to create different flavor profiles so you can customize recipes (dips) to meet a wide range of taste preferences.
  3. Nutritionally dense: Besides protein and fiber, white beans are rich in essential nutrients such as iron, folate, and magnesium. So when used as a base, the benefit is twofold – you boost the nutritional value and enjoy a tasty treat!

Different types of white beans

While they may have very similar nutritional profiles, some varieties of white beans may be more optimal than others depending on the recipe:

  • Cannellini Beans: Also known as white kidney beans, cannellini beans are large and creamy with a slightly nutty flavor. They are common in Italian cuisine and work well in both hot and cold dips.
  • White Navy Beans: small, oval-shaped beans that have a delicate flavor and a smooth texture so these are ideal for creating silky dips.
  • White Northern Beans: Similar in appearance to navy beans, only slightly larger with a milder flavor. You’ve likely seen these in Mediterranean (diet) recipes and cuisine like soups. They pair well with herbs, spices, and citrus flavors.


How to make white bean dip

Add white beans to a food processor or high-powered blender with garlic, olive oil, lemon zest/peel, fresh cracked pepper, pinch of salt and crushed ice.

Note: adding ice to the food processor when pureeing legumes is to maintain a low temperature, preventing overheating and resulting in a smoother and creamier texture in the final product.

Process until smooth but not soupy. There should still be some texture.

Sauté capers in 1 tbsp olive oil in a pan set on medium-high heat for 4 – 6 minutes or until they are crispy. Once cooked, reserve about 1 tablespoon for garnish.

In a mixing bowl add the white bean puree, salmon, parsley, and capers.

Gently fold the ingredients together. Season to taste with sea salt & pepper and fresh lemon if desired.

Add to a serving dish, then garnish and enjoy!

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