Fun and Healthy Halloween Snack Tray


This Halloween Snack Tray is packed with delicious and healthy snacks, and makes an absolutely adorable and crowd-pleasing centerpiece for Halloween parties or get-togethers! We’ll give you all the tips and recipes you need to make your own show stopping snack tray.

A black serving tray topped with assorted halloween snack foods with a black spider web linen in the background.

Healthy Halloween Snacks Everyone Will Love

I love putting together snack trays for parties or get-togethers, and after seeing some fun holiday themed ones online, I figured it was time to put my own spin on a Halloween Snack Tray. Most of the elements were super easy and quick to put together and I can’t even tell you how much everyone loved it! The best part was that I was able to incorporate so many healthy elements that my kids love- and because it was so fun it made them even more excited to dig in!

A close up image of halloween snacks on a charcuterie board with peppers, cheese, pretzels, and avocados.

Ingredients we used for our Halloween Snack Tray:

  • Kiwi
  • Apple Slices
  • Caramel Dip
  • Assorted Crackers
  • Celery & Peanut Butter
  • Cheese Slices & Cubes
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Mini Bell Peppers
  • Avocados
  • Black Olives
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Cherry Tomatoes
A snack tray with a bowl of caramel dip with crackers, chocolate dipped pretzels, cheese slices, and kiwi peeled to look like frankenstein monsters.

How to Make a Healthy Halloween Snack Tray:

  1. Make the different elements. We made these Vampire Guacamole Cups, Halloween Pretzels, and Spiders on a Log. You could replace these with different store bought options, if desired!
  2. Prep the fruit and vegetables. Slice apples, peel mandarin oranges, and peel the kiwi (leaving some of the peel on the top to look like Frankenstein’s hair).
  3. Cut the cheese. Cube cheddar cheese, and use a small ghost cookie cutter on slices of pepper jack cheese.
  4. Start building your board. Find a nice large tray to start building your snack board on. I prefer using one with sides- it really helps with transportation! Start adding things to your tray, trying to evenly distribute the elements and colors around the board. Place bowls or larger items on first and then add smaller items around them.
  5. Add candy eyes. Once I have everything placed on the board, I like to add the candy eye elements. I used a dab of guacamole to add the eyes to the mini bell peppers. They eyes stuck on the kiwi just fine without using any ‘glue’.
  6. Dig in!

Tips for Making a Great Snack Tray

Keep color in mind!

A good snack tray has lots of color. Avoid a bland board by using fruits and vegetables to add bright pops of color to your tray.

Don’t overdo it.

More isn’t always better! Shoot for the 3-3-3-3 ratio. 3 different fruits, 3 different cheese, 3 different starches, and 3 accompaniments. Look for flavors that balance each other for a well rounded board. Try and offer a good variety.

Prep as much as you can ahead of time.

When possible, prep your ingredients ahead of time. It will make it much easier (and faster!) to assemble your board when it’s time to serve.

Use the right sized tray.

A 12×18″ tray is a good medium-sized board that will feed between 4-6 people. For a larger group, shoot for a tray that is at least 18×24″.

Shop your pantry.

Snack boards are a great use for that last sleeve of crackers or the quarter filled jam jar in the fridge! Nuts and dried fruits are also a tasty addition and perfect for filling those gaps without spending a ton of money.

Two avocado shells filled with guacamole and decorated to look like vampires and other assorted snack foods.

More Halloween Recipe Ideas for Your Snack Tray:

White chocolate pretzel mummies, sliced apples, and mandarin oranges peeled and decorated with a celery stalk to resemble a pumpkin.
Mini bell peppers with candy eyes, crackers, celery sticks with peanut butter, and cheese slice ghosts on a snack tray.
Caramel dip in a small striped bowl on a tray with cheese cubes, kiwi, chocolate covered pretzels, and assorted vegetables.

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