Overnight Oats With Blueberries, Ginger + Almonds | Healthy “Brain Food” | Recipe


Celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman has been helping us nourish our bodies and brains for years. “Fueling your body properly can help your mental clarity, memory, and ability to focus,” she explains. Recipes she’s developed to promote brain health include her Cherry Tomato Bruschetta, Easy 3-Bean Salad and these overnight oats with blueberries. 

“Blueberries aren’t just low in calories and insanely tasty,” she says, “they’re probably more famous for being great for the mind. The antioxidants in blueberries boost brain function and may slow memory impairments.”  

Plus, she adds, not only is this recipe good for you, high in fiber and super delicious, it eliminates one of the biggest barriers to eating a healthy breakfast: the frenzy of the morning rush: “Just combine the ingredients the night before, put it all in the fridge and a great breakfast option is ready and waiting for you when you wake up,” she says. “You can even make several of them at once if you’re a meal prepper. What could be easier?” 


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